California Classic (Hull) Ltd.

More than three decades recreating legendary vehicles

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About CCHL

When I first started on this journey 30 years ago my aim was to change the way people buy MGB Classic Cars.

Rather than it being intimidating I wanted to make it accessible to all, without all the fancy jargon that many in the trade use.

I wanted everyone to be able to enjoy high quality MGB's, hand-crafted by hugely talented people.

I also wanted to put the customer at the very heart of the business and let them be part of the build process by telling us what they loved and what they didn't so we could always keep doing our job better.

Fast forward 30 years and we are still transforming how an MGB is built.

Our specification system has been devised hand in hand with customers to create the best way to buy your MGB, we hope we have succeeded.

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