duo classics
Duo Classics offer the best of both worlds.

2 Unique examples that will impress and serve you well.

LUKA EV Is a Brand-New, All Electric, Clean Technology,          2 Door Coupe. Classic Looks – Full Leather Interior – Hi-Tech Electronics – Tesla Type Touch Screen, Aluminium Chassis – Lightweight Body – 300km range

4×4 In-Wheel Drive and Conventional Models Available.

Both deliver a smooth; refined ride from a centrally mounted, water-cooled 55 kW, Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor, the Master Control Unit is cooled with the same unit.

Power comes from the 26.4 kWh capacity battery packs situated in laser-welded aluminium boxes that dissipate heat perfectly; each individual cell has its own temperature sensor to prevent overheating.


Range between charges 310 km*
Top speed 140 km/h*
Acceleration 0 to 100 km/h 9.8 seconds
Curb weight 886 kg*
Wheel base 2300 mm
Dimensions   4050 × 1620 × 1220 mm (L × W × H)
Torque Vectoring, Traction control (in-wheel version)
4 Hydraulic Twin Circuit Disc Brakes with ARBS
Mechanical parking brake
Chassis – 100% 6061-Aluminium Alloy
Body – Fibre-reinforced polymer
Steering – Right-hand drive – (LHD available)
Many optional colour combinations available
Doors – 2
Seats – 2

Full Leather Interior

Infotainment – Air conditioning – Navigation – Electric windows – Central locking, all fitted as standard.

Legal status – UK Individual Vehicle Approval

* Unofficial in-house testing. We will update specifications when we have the information from the certified testing laboratory. Specifications are subject to change. Please check for latest specifications carefully before ordering your new vehicle.  

The many benefits of an electric vehicle

One of the first things you will notice when driving LUKA is the serene peace and quiet. This gives you a comfortable, relaxing driving experience. It has excellent torque; you will always have the power when needed. Press the accelerator; there is instant response, ideal for easy, carefree driving.


The Batteries are encased for safety and provide excellent balance and weight distribution, this means handling and cornering is effortless and pleasant.


The Electric car market in the UK grew 21% in 2019 with more than 72,000 new plug-in cars registered.

One new electric car was registered every seven minutes in the UK last year.

End-of-year figures show the eighth consecutive year of growth for the plug-in car market.

Electric cars saw significant growth, with numbers of registrations up 144% year-on-year.

There are over 20,000 EV charging points across the UK.

As EVs become more popular there are a wide variety of benefits for drivers making the switch. Not just the environmental impact but also the savings you make on fuel, tax and servicing costs.

On a cost per mile basis your LUKA could cost you 75% less than a traditional petrol or diesel car. It is an excellent investment for drivers looking for a cheaper, more efficient way to drive. We estimate your cost to be less than 3 pence per mile, it will cost even less if you use this link below.


Their EV night rate is just 5 pence per Kw!

They give you £50 FREE credit to start with too.

Cheaper to maintain

While the price of a LUKA may be similar to many comparable petrol or diesel cars, the cost of running is significantly lower.  Look at the enhanced fuel efficiency, the low cost of electricity and reduced maintenance requirements; you will spend far less on a LUKA electric vehicle than you do on your current car.

LUKA is designed to be as efficient as possible with just 3 main components; the on-board charger, inverter and motor. This means there is far less wear and tear on the car and little stress on the motor, there are fewer moving parts susceptible to damage.

All this means you’ll rarely have to have your LUKA serviced and the running and repair costs are minimal.

Better for the environment, better for you.

Luka has zero tailpipe emissions making it greener, cleaner and better for the environment than petrol or diesel cars. Fewer emissions mean reduced greenhouse gasses, enabling the UK to move towards sustainable, renewable sources of electricity.

Fast, easy and cheap home charging

Charging your LUKA at home is cost efficient, simple and easy. Charge by plugging into your household 13-amp socket when you’ve parked. It’s as easy as charging your mobile phone.

The future of driving is LUKA.

There has never been a better time to own a LUKA EV, Oh yes, driving LUKA EV is serious fun, the future really is closer than you think.

SPARTAN – Simple, Practical, Reliable.

SPARTAN is a passionate adventurer. Nurtured by generations of owners able to travel to unexplored corners of the Earth.

SPARTAN production began in 1972, with decades of previous active Military service.

SPARTAN has gained a reputation of an industrious and uncompromising fighter in tough driving conditions.

The original Spartan reached legendary status, thanks to its reliability and impressive off-road capability.


A tough and reliable extended-lifetime mechanism withstands extreme loads.


Front and rear drive shafts with universal joints

connect the axle differentials ensuring dependable transmission.


Coil spring front suspension guarantees excellent passenger comfort.

An anti-sway bar on the front suspension reduces the body roll of the vehicle and increases the degree of safety.

Rear suspension with three leaf springs provides resistance to extreme loads with good off-road reliability.


A reliable two-piston dual circuit brake system guarantees a stable and high braking force of the unit. Front disc brakes ensure good performance and increased efficiency, both on and off-road.

An electronic brake force distribution system controls the pressure of the wheels on the front and rear axles depending on the vehicle load and prevent them from locking.

Drum brakes are installed on the rear axle. The parking brake, located on the prop-shaft, is protected from exposure to snow and dirt and is easy to maintain.

2H Rear-wheel drive provides fuel savings as 100% torque is transferred to the rear axle only.


Spartan is able to withstand and conquer any off-road conditions thanks to its selectable four-wheel drive.

With sustained off-road capability, your SPARTAN will not give up even in the most complex situations.

On the road you will experience how confident your SPARTAN drives and reacts.

The front reinforced bumper is equipped with towing hooks; there is a specific, built in location to install a winch.

The rear reinforced bumper has a tow bar, a jacking point and the mounting for the spare wheel.


The interior is simple and functional, the seat fabric and floor covering can be cleaned with a hosepipe.

All the materials in the cabin are designed for high loads and possess increased strength. There is an abundance of storage space in each door. We use a reliable and simple window opening and locking mechanism.

The high driving position improves vision and raises the level of safety. The front seats have an extra length adjustment range.

The full width, 2 Piece Tailgate is much more convenient than a single large door.

Rear Interior

A spacious thee seat row, for transportation of large-size cargo or equipment the rear seats can be folded down 60/40 or turned into a bed by extending 180°


An excellent 2.7 L, 135 hp, 210Nm torque engine is famous for its time-tested design, low (92) octane fuel requirements and excellent capability in off-road driving.

The engine properties allow use of 90% torque between 2,000 and 4,500 rpm.

This wide range gives the driver unlimited possibilities in any driving situation.


An excellent 2.7 L, 135 hp, 210Nm torque engine is famous for its time-tested design, low (92) octane fuel requirements and excellent capability in off-road driving.

The engine properties allow use of 90% torque between 2,000 and 4,500 rpm.

This wide range gives the driver unlimited possibilities in any driving situation.


Number of passengers 5
Length 4,100M
Width with mirrors, 2,010M
Height 2,025M
Wheelbase, mm 2,380
Front/rear track, 1,465M / 1,465M Road clearance, 210MM
Maximum water depth, 500mm – Can be 700mm.
Curb weight, 1,845kg
Gross weight, 2,520kg
Load-carrying capacity 675kg
Petrol with at least 92 octane rating
LPG potential is included
Cubic capacity, 2.693 Litre’s
Maximum power, hp (kW) 135 (94.1) at 4,600 rpm 113.5 (83.5) at 3500 rpm
Maximum torque, 210Nm at 2500 rpm
Wheel arrangement Selectable 4х4
Gearbox, five-speed, manual
Transfer case, two-speed with a disconnect feature on front drive axle
Full-time four-wheel drive with the ability to automatically disconnect front wheels

Suspension, brakes and tyres

Front brake – disc
Rear brake – drum
Front suspension – Dependent, coil spring with an anti-sway bar

Rear suspension – dependent, on two longitudinal semi-elliptical springs, each with 3 leaves
Tires 225/75 R16
Maximum speed, 130 km/h
Acceleration 0 to 100 km/h (sec) 10.4
Fuel consumption, 24.5 mpg at 90 Kmh
Total fuel tanks capacity, 72 Litres

For almost 50 years, these vehicles have repeatedly confirmed their outstanding product quality in extreme climates and the most challenging road conditions.

Hundreds of thousands of kilometres have been driven in the steppes of Central Asia, the mountains of Transcaucasia, across the deserts of Africa and the expanses of the Far North, recently using standard specification cars, the victorious ascent to the highest mountain in Europe – Elbrus, these cars overcome every obstacle thrown at them in the harshest of conditions.

SPARTAN – Simple, practical, reliable and affordable.

This classic off-road vehicle you can buy new today, if you want to do it your way.

Watch the videos to see how Spartan takes on all situations and comes out winning every time.

The number of electric cars on Britain’s roads will jump to 30 million in the next 20 years, helped by government policies to phase out the sale of polluting cars.

The nation’s goal of reaching net-zero emissions by mid-century is looking more achievable under three out of four scenarios modelled by network operator National Grid Plc’s Electricity System Operator unit in a report. Electric vehicles are one key piece as are heat pumps to replace gas boilers.

Emissions from the power sector will be negative by 2033 as renewable generation and carbon capture and storage technology effectively sequesters more CO2 than plants emit, National Grid said. Levels of natural gas burnt without emissions-removing technology will halve by 2038.

It’s important for National Grid to get these predictions right. The government has a legally binding net-zero target and it’s up to industry to make sure that’s technically possible. There are concerns that without adequate planning and grid improvements, plugging in millions of electric cars could cause problems for network operators.

“We see growth in renewable energy generation, including significant expansion in installed offshore wind capacity,” Mark Herring, head of strategy at National Grid ESO. “There is widespread uptake in domestic electric vehicles, and growth and investment in hydrogen and carbon capture technologies too.”

The utility’s electric vehicle prediction is more than the amount forecast by Bloomberg NEF, whose analysts see 17 million EVs on the road in the U.K. in 2040. BNEF doesn’t assume the target of phasing out internal-combustion engines by 2035 is hit.

By 2050, as many as 80% of households with an EV will be smart charging their car when electricity market prices and power demand are lower, National Grid said in the report. About 45% of homes will be able to offer balancing capability to the grid, creating as much as 38 gigawatts of flexible electricity to help manage peaks and troughs in demand.