We are pleased to announce the arrival of the MWM Spartan. The Spartan range of Military Style SUVs are based on the legendary 4×4 Hunter platform.


By joining forces with an already established manufacturer and without the need to build new premises, we can afford to offer an electric UAZ at a much more favorable price. Both LHD & RHD version for 40,000 EUR*. Contact Now

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The SPARTAN is a passionate adventurer. Nurtured by generations of owners able to travel to unexplored corners of the Earth.
Production began in 1972, with decades of previous active Military service, SPARTAN has gained a reputation of an
industrious and uncompromising fighter in hard driving conditions.

This classic off-road vehicle is still available today when you prefer to choose your own path.

A reliable extended-lifetime mechanism withstands extreme loads.

Front and rear unitized Spicer-type axle assemblies ensure dependable transmission.

Coil spring front suspension guarantees excellent passenger comfort.
An anti-sway bar on the front suspension reduces the body roll of the vehicle and increases the degree of safety.

Rear suspension with three leaf springs provides resistance to extreme loads with good off-road reliability.

A reliable two-piston brake system guarantees a stable high braking force of the unit. Front disc brakes ensure good performance and increased efficiency, both on and off-road.

An electronic brake force distribution system controls the force of the wheels on the front and rear axles depending
on the vehicle load and prevents them from locking.
Rear drum brakes are installed on the rear axle. The parking brake, located on the prop-shaft, is protected from exposure to snow and dirt and is easy to maintain.

2H Rear-wheel drive provides fuel savings as 100% torque is transferred to the rear axle only.

Spartan is able to withstand any off-road conditions thanks to a part-time four-wheel drive.

With sustained off-road capability, your Spartan will not give up even in the most complex situations.

On the road you will experience how confident your Spartan drives and reacts.

Front re-inforced bumper is equipped with towing hooks, built in location to install a winch.
Rear re-inforced bumper with a tow bar, a hole for a jack and mounting for the spare wheel.

The interior is simple and functional, the seat fabric can even be c leaned with a hose pipe.

All the materials in the cabin are designed for high loads and possess increased strength. There is plenty of storage space in each door. A reliable and simple window opening and locking mechanism. The high driving position improves vision and raises the level of safety. The front seats have an extra length adjustment range.

The 2 Piece Tailgate is more convenient than a single large door when it comes to frequent loading and unloading.

A spacious thee seat row, for transportation of large-size cargo or equipment the rear seats can be folded down 60/40 or turned into a bed
by extending 180°

An excellent 2.7 L, 135 hp, 210Nm torque engine is famous for its time-tested design, low (92) octane fuel requirements and capability in off- road driving.

The engine properties allow utilisation of 90% torque in the range between 2,000 and 4,500 rpm.
This wide range gives the driver unlimited possibilities in any driving situation!

A five-speed manual gearbox with excellent gear ratios makes a journey in your SPARTAN pleasant and comfortable on any surface!

TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS Number of passengers 5 Length 4,100M

Width with mirrors, 2,010M Height 2,025M
Wheelbase, mm 2,380
Front/rear track, 1,465M / 1,465M Road clearance, 210MM

Maximum water depth, 500mm
Curb weight, 1,845kg
Gross weight, 2,520kg
Load-carrying capacity, 675kg
Fuel petrol with an octane number not less than 92

Cubic capacity, 2.693Ltres
Maximum power, hp (kW) 135 (94.1) at 4,600 rpm 113.5 (83.5) at 3500 rpm
Maximum torque, 210Nm at 2500 rpm
Wheel arrangement 4х4
Gearbox five-speed, manual
Transfer case, two-speed with a disconnect feature on front drive axle
Full-time four-wheel drive with the ability to automatically disconnect front wheels

Suspension, brakes and tyres
Front brake – disc
Rear brake – drum
Front suspension dependent, coil spring with an anti-sway bar

Rear suspension dependent, on two longitudinal semi-elliptical springs with 3 leaves
Tires 225/75 R16

Speed and efficiency

Spartan Info

Maximum speed, 130 km/h Acceleration 0 to 100 km/h (sec) 10.4 Fuel consumption, 24.5 mpg at 90 Kmh Total fuel tanks capacity, 72Litres

For more than 75 years, these vehicles have repeatedly confirmed their outstanding product quality in extreme climates and challenging road conditions.

Hundreds of thousands of kilometres driven in the steppes of Central Asia, the mountains of Transcaucasia, across the deserts of Africa and the expanses of the Far North,

and finally, in standard form, the victorious ascent to the highest mountain in Europe – Elbrus, have allowed these cars to overcome any obstacles in the harshest of conditions.

SPARTAN embodies simplicity, practicality and reliability.