MGB GT V8 Restoration

MGB V8 built to your individual specification

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MGB GT V8 Restoration

MGB V8 built to your individual specification

The legendary V8 brings the MGB to life with the effortless power it delivers through to the epic exhaust note it produces.

Please read our Restomod Specification System for further information about:

  • Surface, bodyshell & Colour, Resilent and protective coats;
  • Brakes, Clutch, Steering track and Suspension bans;
  • Mechanics: the engine and gearbox, Rear axle, Alternator, Water pump…
  • Refinement;
  • Interior;
  • Checking and tests;
  • Minor adjustments.

Testing authority

The vehicle is then presented to the Ministry of Transport Testing Authority for the final examination before registration and road testing begins.

MGB GT V8 specification details at a glance

Production years 1973 – 1976
Body type GT version only from factory
Engine 3528cc V8
Bore 88.9mm
Stroke 71.1mm
Compression ratio 8.25:1
Engine block Aluminium block
Fuel Twin SU cCarbs
Fuel tank 12 gallons
Max power 137bhp @5000rpm
Maximum torque 193lb ft. @2900rpm
Power to weight ratio 128.4 bhp/ton
Maximum speed 125mph
0-60mph 8.5 seconds
Fuel consumption 22mpg
Gear box 4 speed manual with overdrive
Brakes Discs front and drums rear
Steering Rack and pinion
Wheels – Composite Alloy Centre’s / steel rims 5J x 14
Tyres 175HR 14 radial tyres

MGB GT V8 Restoration Gallery


MGB GT full rebuild with rebuilt V8 engine mated to a new 5 speed gearbox, Edelbrock carb and electronic ignition. S/S sports manifold and exhaust system. Uprated brakes and suspension along with poly bushes, New trim including leather seats and new chrome bumpers and grille.

Indicative Restoration Price Service: £36,000.00

MGB GT V8 - CCHL MGB GT V8 Chrome Air Filter - CCHL


MGB GT V8 rebuild using a new Heritage bodyshell, to be prepared to individual specification so you can control the exterior colour to the interior trim.

The engine is a rover V8 unit fully reconditioned and will be mated to a new 5 speed Mazda gearbox.

The brakes are 4 pot system with uprated discs and pads along with a uprated front suspension system and uprated rear shock absorbers.

Poly bushes throughout.

Leather seats in your colour option and full retrim.

Wheel option can be chosen from either 15″ Mini lite style alloy wheels to 15″ chrome wire wheels. The rebuild is a complete package with uprated brakes and suspension along with S/S sports RV8 style manifolds and exhaust system for that V8 roar.

Indicative Restoration Price Service: £44,000.00

Red MGB V8 Engine Bay - CCHL

MGB GT full rebuild

Fully rebuilt MGB GT or Roadster. You can choose exterior colour to interior trim along with any other additions or alterations you may require, the standard build includes, overdrive gearbox, unleaded engine, leather seats, s/s exhaust system.

Indicative Restoration Price Service: £30,000.00

Fully Rebuilt MGB GT - CCHL MGB GT V8 Alloy Engine - CCHL


MGB GT V8 Factory car, only 3 previous owners and is a real pleasure to drive. Finished in green with blue trim. Comes with a large history file and has been well looked after.

Indicative Restoration Price Service: £24,000.00

MGB Roadster - CCHL V8 Engine MGB Roadster - CCHL