Restomod Specification System

Unique specification system, developed in close collaboration with customers

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MGB Rebuild Scheme

Written by: Simon Lucas

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Every vehicle needs to be prepared properly to enjoy a long and satisfying life.

Surface, bodyshell & Colour, Resilent and protective coats;

We professionally and completely prepare the entire surface, inspecting and correcting the door gaps, the boot and bonnet lines.

Even under the bonnet and inside the boot gets our close attention.
When we are completely happy with the end result, the final colour coats are applied.

Afterwards we spray a tough and resilient coating to the whole under body for long lasting protection and the chassis sections are independently Waxoyled giving the vehicle a total inside and out protective coating that will last for years to come.

A new wiring harness is carefully installed.

  • Brand New Complete Bodyshell;
  • Waxoyled and Undersealed;
  • Professionally Refinished
  • Your Choice of Standard Colour;

Brakes, Clutch, Steering track and Suspension bans;

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All new brake discs are fitted along with re-conditioned callipers, pads and shoes.

New copper brake pipes and flexible pipes are installed and are complemented by a new brake master cylinder and new rear wheel cylinders.

  • New Brake Pads and Discs;
  • New Brake Shoes;
  • New Brake master Cylinder;
  • New Copper Brake Pipes Throughout;
  • New Brake and Clutch Fluid;
  • New Flexible Brake Pipes;
  • New Hand Brake Cable;

Clutch and Plates

The clutch master cylinder is also new, along with the clutch slave cylinder and associated pipework.

  • New Clutch Master Cylinder;
  • New Brake and Clutch Fluid;
  • New Complete Clutch Assembly;
  • New Copper Brake Pipes Throughout;
  • New Brake and Clutch Fluid;
  • New Flexible Brake Pipes;
  • New Hand Brake Cable;

Steering track

The reconditioned kingpins are assembled to the cross member with re-conditioned shock absorbers and the new steering rack is complete with track rod ends.

  • Fully Refurbished Cross Member;
  • Fully Re-Built Shock Absorbers;
  • New Track Rod Ends

Suspension bans

All new bushes are used along with new lower suspension pans. New link bars and rear axle straps are fitted and a new fuel tank and sender unit is installed.

  • New Rear Axle link Arms;
  • New Rear Spring Bushes;
  • New Rear Axle link Arms;
  • New Fuel tank;
  • New Fuel Tank Fitting Kit;
  • New Petrol Tank Cap;


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The engine and gearbox

The engine and gearbox are fully re-conditioned, along with re-conditioned Carburettors and distributor.

  • Fully Re-Built Unleaded Engine;
  • New Engine Mountings;
  • Fully Re-Built Overdrive Gearbox;
  • New Gearbox Mountings;
  • Fully Re-Built Carburettors;
  • Re-Built Distributor;

Rear axle

The rear axle is re-conditioned and new springs and U-bolts are fitted as well as new rubber mounting bushes.

A new exhaust system is fitted from the Manifold to the tail pipe with all new flexible rubber mountings.

  • New Rear Axle link Arms


A re-conditioned alternator, fan belt and starter is fitted, new air and oil filters are installed with, of course, fresh oil.

  • Re-Conditioned Alternator
  • Fully Re-Built Starter Motor
  • New Fuel Filter


The engine and gearbox sits on new flexible mountings and is connected to a new radiator by new rubber hoses.

  • New Radiator


The propshaft is fitted with new Universal joints.

Water pump

A new water pump is fitted together with a new thermostat.

  • New Water Hoses

Fuel pump

New clips and fuel hoses are fitted and a new fuel pump feeds through a new fuel filter.

  • New Fuel Pump
  • New Flexible Fuel Pipes
  • New Steel Fuel pipe
  • New Fuel Filter
  • New Fuel tank
  • New Fuel Tank Fitting Kit
  • New Fuel Sender Unit
  • New Fuel Pump


A new battery is fitted together with new battery connectors and a new earth lead to both the battery and the engine itself.

  • New Battery
  • New Battery Main Cable
  • New Battery Clamps


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The car benefits from new front and rear bumpers, over-riders, bumper fitting kit, new number plate lights, new front grille and new fresh air duct cover.

  • New Rear Bumper;
  • New Front Bumpers;


New stainless steel trims are fitted to the sides as well as new sealed beam headlight units, new headlight rims, headlamp assemblies and seals.

  • New Headlamp Units;
  • New Headlamp Retainer Seals;

Wiper blades, Filters, Locks and wheels

Wiper blades and arms, fuel filter cap, door locks and gear lever knob are all fitted new and are followed by refurbished wheels and new tyres.

  • New Wiper Blades;
  • New Wiper Arms;
  • New Fuel Filter;
  • New Door Locks and Keys;
  • New Door Glass Rubber Strips and Clips;
  • New Tyres;


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The interior is now lavished with care and attention.

Carpet, lights, windscreen and panels

The carpet sections are carefully applied to floor and tunnel sections, the quarter lights are fitted with new rubber seals and a new windscreen laminated glass is fitted along with new surround and base seal.

Two ’P‘ strips are fitted to the windscreen frame, the doors are assembled and fitted with new panels as are the front and rear sides and back section.

  • New Carpet Set;
  • New Laminated Windscreen Glass;
  • New Windscreen Seal;
  • New Door Glass Rubber Strips and Clips;
  • New Door Glass Inner Strip and Clips;

Inner doors

A new crash pad is fitted, as well as new furflex inner door linings.

  • New Door Glass Inner Strip and Clips

Dashboard and Speedometer

The dashboard is assembled and new heater control cables are fitted with a new indicator switch.

  • New heater Control Cables
  • New Indicator Assembly

Seat belts

New fully retractable seat belts are fitted along with armrests, hood tenax fittings and a new hood.

  • New Safety belts
  • New Vinyl Hood

Door Assemblies

The doors are assembled and finished with new door cappings.

Checking and tests

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Final adjustements

The whole car is now checked and re-checked and final adjustments are made.

Testing authority

The vehicle is then presented to the Ministry of Transport Testing Authority for the final examination before registration and road testing begins.

Multitude of minor adjustments

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After all this has been carried out and a multitude of minor adjustments, tests and verification procedures have been undertaken, the owner is presented with the keys, a photographic history of the assembly and a 12 month warranty.

A jack and wheel brace are placed in the boot and the hand over and an explanation of living with a beautiful MG now begin.