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The ubiquitous MGB dominates the classic car market; with so many bewildering choices, our buyers can specify precisely what they need in their own MGB.

When it comes to rebuilding and updating the iconic MGB, there is nobody quite like CCHL.

We’ve been recreating these legendary vehicles for more than three decades, building them better and better each time; each one is carefully constructed by hand.

In this process, if it needs improving, we improve it; if it can’t, we leave it alone.

There are many choices of MGB rebuilds out there, but only CCHL builds an MGB to our own high standard 
That’s because no one has been doing this for longer, and no one takes the care we do.   

We make sure we never lose what made them so special initially.

We turn your dream into reality, your journey starts with us, but your adventure will last a lifetime.  
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California Classics (Hull) Limited,
29 Bankside,
East Yorkshire,
United Kingdom.

Call us on 01482 441551 or email at



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